Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stock to watch on 18th Jan

There are two stocks in my list for Monday.
These stocks can give you 5-10% return in next two weeks.

Sharing my expeience

Hi everyone, Since last few years I am trying several strategy to identify stocks which can give maximum profit. In this process I have use several tools available in the market, as well as tried to develop some tool on my own.
Using all of them, I think I am in better position to predict those stocks and I like to share with you some of those stock information . To make this more structured, I like to maintain one virtual portfolio with initial amount of 100000/- (One lakh Indian rupees).
My target is to get return of minimum 10% per months, this can go up to 20 -30%. Like others I am not giving promise of 100% or 300% return per month, I feel most of them are unrealistic. Once in a while it is possible to have huge profit, but I don't feel this is possible to get 100 -300% return very often.
While doing so, I also want to say that, stock I am going to pick here and also going to suggest you to pick up, is based on my analysis using different tools and methods. While I believe those stocks will give maximum return, but not giving any definite assurance how actually they will behave.